Clinical psychologist, sexologist, member of the Federation of
Psychological Consultants of Russia, women's coach

Personal consultations

In my opinion, the help of a psychologist is to help the client find freedom.

I am aware that my answer may be painful for you. But someone has to tell the truth. Not to hurt you, but to start solving the problem. Unnamed problems are not solved.. Recognizing and recognizing the problem is half the solution.

Irina Aprelskaya

What do I work with?

1. Coronaneurosis

Psychological assistance in isolation
The pandemic becomes a trigger for exacerbation of problems and somatic regression. The situation highlights everything that was previously ignored. Exacerbation of chronic problems that were previously hidden – finances, relationships, children, etc.

2. Anxiety and depression

This is a sign that something is going wrong, that you need to stop and work on yourself, think about what you want and where you want to go next. Often, people for various reasons cease to understand and hear themselves. This is your time to meet yourself.

3. A series of failures in any area of life

If you feel that you can not succeed in anything, that you are constantly unlucky, that you are "cursed", then most likely the reason for this is the installation in your family.

4. Overweight or underweight.

To solve problems with weight, correction is also necessary at the level of the subconscious. I help my clients figure out what exactly causes them to gain extra pounds (or lose weight), and eliminate the cause.
Important: if weight gain/loss is associated with any diseases, then you need to undergo treatment and only then start working with a psychologist.

5. Addictions

Addiction is a strong attachment of a person to an object, substance, action or another person, which turns into an obsession and leads to self-destruction of the individual.
Any dependence is essentially a way of gaining inner integrity. A destructive and unconstructive way. But the only possible one for a person who has not healed his emotional injuries.

6. The problem of self-determination

You will learn to find your talents and, most importantly, to realize them. Self-realization is the introduction, comprehension and development of your potential in action.

7. Domestic violence, physical and psychological

The victim of abuse falls into a biochemical addiction, which is equated to heroin. Often, it is almost impossible to get out of such a relationship on your own.

8. Family crises and problems in the sexual sphere

Lack of attraction to a partner, sexual boredom, family crises, sex before and after childbirth, infidelity, jealousy, divorce, sexual dysfunction, psychosexual dysfunction, paraphilia, sexual dumbness, psychosexual education and parenting, LGBT+
How it works?


In any way convenient for you: in the format of audio / video sessions, synchronous and asynchronous correspondence or voice messages.
via any platform: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Zoom, etc.

cost from 100 usd / hour

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