What is sexuality?

Sex is life. Sexuality is the basis of our life. This is the core function of a person and all other spheres are built around it. If a person has a problem with sex, it's not sex that's broken, it's his life that's broken.

It is the ability to enjoy life. This is the connection with our body, as long as we are in contact/friends with it.
They say that those who do not like sex do not like to enjoy life. I agree. There is a lot of pain behind this belief, and you need to work with a psychologist.

Why do we lose our sexuality?

This is due to beliefs that destroy us from within, stressful situations, because of the narrowing of the circle of social contacts and interests, as well as impoverishment of impressions.
General and local blood circulation, as well as general and local muscle tone, have a great influence on sexuality.

Today I will talk about the return of value to yourself.

We lose our sexuality by devaluing ourselves. These are the very beliefs I was talking about. Based on my practice, this phenomenon affects a huge number of people.
There is a devaluation through self-doubt.

All women who have not reached a certain psychological development-devalue themselves completely, including sexuality.
Those who are developed in psychoemotional terms will never talk about themselves in a negative way.

Where does depreciation originate?

We all live by the stereotypes that we are put in the family and in society, in a society where women are constantly judged. Probably many women will agree that we always owe something to someone.

Women hear judging comments all the time!

Often, we can not afford to allow ourselves, that is, we can not afford to move away from what society imposes on us.
Everywhere we are instilled with beliefs about our appearance!

Beauty industries, global pharmaceutical companies, cosmetology, marketolgs - they all attack us with the fact that we need to endlessly improve something: 

"pump up your lips, 
tighten the skin on your face, 
bleached teeth»

They neuroticize us– "otherwise you are not in the trend, otherwise no one needs you, your husband will cheat on you, otherwise you will start to give way in the subway-otherwise life will end!"

We are afraid of some terrible consequences saying that a woman should!
This can be explicit or not explicit (advertising a surgical clinic or advertising burgers - a very thin girl advertises, with perfect skin, a smile, a booty) what translates to us the hidden meaning -"if you are not as perfect, then no one will need you”.

We can't resist indefinitely. Our awareness is not enough for this, because the propaganda is very intense. We remember these information viruses and store them in our heads, this happens unconsciously.

How to treat advertising and propaganda, to what has not yet "attached" to us from the inside?

When I see an ad, a stand, a banner about "improvising”, which is filled with this idea
“you should be different", I say the following thought inside myself: 
"this information/belief, etc., is false for me", “I do not accept this knowledge, it is false for me”. 

How to deal with anxiety from the imposed propaganda?

"Muscle tension and relaxation technique”
It works instantly and takes only a couple of minutes.

If you catch yourself thinking - "I'm scary, fat, etc., because of this, everyone will soon turn away from me, leave, etc.", or any other thoughts aimed at self-deprecation, then this technique is for you. It can also be used when you are in a stressful situation, "boil" and need to relieve tension. 
These destructive thoughts cause muscle tension, our task is to influence the psychological tension through the physical tension. 

So, what should I do?
You keep replaying this thought and clench your fists with all your might. You have a growing psychoemotional and physical tension. They grow up together. You deliberately increase this tension, and then once you relaxed your hands, this bubble of tension burst. And let go.

Why does it work?
Psychoemotional tension is not directly available to us, but we can manage it through the body. Our psychoemotional tension is not visible and not clear to us, they are somewhere inside our consciousness. Through the body, you can " stick” to some belief, and begin to control this system through what is available to us-through the body.

This can be used even in the moment. For example, when your boss yells at you, you can do this practice locally, for example, squeeze your buttocks or fists under the table. When it boils, you can bring your shoulder blades together, squeeze your toes, and so on, due to this local tension, you will relieve tension and maintain adequacy and efficiency.
This technique will help you not to make actions based on emotions that you will regret later.

When someone tells you something about your appearance:

'You have something to improve' and so on

We all have eyes, and we can see for ourselves what's wrong with our bodies. You make a conscious choice about what to do with yourself and not because someone has intimidated you or told you about it.I recommend that you absolutely forbid people to address you in this way.

“You can't talk to me like that. If you continue to do this, then our relationship with you will end”

With friends: "you are dear to me, so I tell you gently, if you continue to talk to me in this way, I will be forced to end our relationship.

Dear men, it seems to me that you should support women, not criticize them, since women are already subjected to a 24/7 devaluation of their personality and beauty.
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